Topic: Nice work Pagey

Had a good chuckle reading Pagey's report on Sunday's race, which I need after being in a state of depression since the footy on Saturday night. In fact I'm looking at seeking a discount on my Tigers v Cats v Blues season bet with the Stallion by settling as early as the Rendina classic. Might help him with the prizemoney. (Yes I know, a stupid bet - he got me at a week moment - during the summer when the tigers are at their best).

Re Pagey's presidential plea - Just like the AFL President during the Olympics, our fearless leader has obviously finally learnt the number one skill required of a President - delegation. Looking fwd to your return Mara.
Hello everyone, back in a couple of weeks ( 23rd of May) have enjoyed the photos, excellent job Leanne.
The blues/tigers/pussys bet started very ordinary but we are "coming" . I expect to be 7-3 by the time i get to the relay. Stallion, I'm not accepting those lira from under the bed.
Watching the photos, great to see so many new runners, stick with it, it takes a few weeks to work your way into the system.
Be very wary of that young Marantelli, in the photos he was laughing, he can't be serious, surely.
Happy birthday "floater" .
"Come In Spinners" I could not have found two bigger "Bunnies" last year in Mark and Mara, and would you believe they came back for more this year! Well done boys, and GO CATS!
Thanks for the birthday wishes Mara!!! Just floating onwards.. and upwards!!!
Stallion, if you can only beat Essendon by 5 goals then the cats are struggling.