Topic: Club's Saucony Shoe Contact Please!

Hi Guys. Saucony have been my shoe of choice for about 12 years now, but here in Stawell they don't stock their best shoes. I know the club has a connection with Saucony. I need advice from him / her on their most robust shoe, given that my right knee is on the way out and I now need a shoe with maximum stability. Anyone have contact details?
Hi Keith
Dean Paulin is our contact there as far as I know.. I will email you his details & see how you go, or I think Rob from Sims Sports also stocks Saucony so I will also include his details.
Good to hear you are back running.. sorry I missed you at Murchison.
Thanks Leanne, I'm happy to go to Saucony myself to make the's just that I thought Saucony was a club sponsor. Yeah, back running, but slowly. Thanks for your reply.