Topic: Westerfolds Race 1 17/4/2016

Hi All,

Welcome to another year of Cross Country, there has been a fair change to the Calendar and racing this year, so jump onto the booklet and see what we have happening.

Westerfolds is our first race and I did not want to scare people off first race so you can be all self assured we will not be going up the big hill first up, so although a few people might miss the view up there I am sure not to many are complaining about not having to run up there.

The course will be a 3 lapper from the same spot we normally start but will take in the grass and trails and very little of the bike track. Have tried to keep it as flat as I could first up and I am sure you will enjoy the surrounds that it takes in.

We will be paying Prizemoney down to 15th which is a new initiative including first 1st year runner outside of the 15 and fastest Males & Females and the fastest first year runner.

Look forward to seeing you all there and looking forward to 2016

Cheers Doona