Topic: Relay Teams

The teams for Sunday's relay are below. If I have missed anyone who thinks they have nominated, call or text me. If you are not nominated but wish to have a run, I'm sure we will be able to add additional teams, so turn up.

The teams will all be allocated a handicap and the winner will be the first team across the line. No team can win both fastest time and handicap honours. We have a few teams of 4 in order to keep the starting spread time to a minium. (ie we want to be home before dark).

For those listed you are obviously critical to your team, so unless you have an emergency, you need to front. If you have broken your leg and cant make it, please let me know asap.

Here are the teams. The Captain / Coach is the person listed in the team name. See you all tomorrow.

MOB, 0412 250135

Team Woodies
Joe Caruana
Sam Siccari
Ray Barnard
Hugo Sarpa

Team Hippo B
Dan Lawlor
Matt Grant
Mark Hipworth
Steph Mollica
Chris Brown

Team Harris
Craig Harris
David Page
Julian Harris
Stephen Tao
Adamo Traini

Team Murray
Fraser Murray
Steve Smith
Adina Morrow
Tom Hecimovic

Team Hippo A
Cam Clayton
Alex Bacalja
Mitchell Cashion
Jacob Nolan
Josh Nolan

Team Marantelli
Michael Marantelli
Ian Burrows
Damien Cusack
Lachlan Rayner
Jason Moore
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