Topic: Handicapping update

6 races into the season and some of you may have noticed your handicapping spot varying from race to race. This is because we are operating such that you can have a different spot for each of Club, AV and Parkrun events. The following summary will give you most of the explanation.
1. We are handicapping the Club events in line with the Handicapping Guidelines with regards to Lifts and Penalties for wins.
2. With the AV and Parkrun events, we are using more discretion. We are lifting spots much more quickly for those struggling to be competitive or a long time since winning.
3. The win penalties for AV and Parkrun events are less and impact future AV and Parkrun events more than your Club event handicap. You will notice that the winners of the first 2 AV and first 2 parkruns were all highly competitive in the weekend's Club race. A win at an AV event or Parkrun event is unlikely to hinder your chances in a Club event.
4. All events count towards future handicapping Lifts, so run as often as you can and you will get closer to a win. There are many more races this year with the 9 extra parkrun virtual handicaps, so a good chance for everyone to get a win, and those in top form could earn 2-3 wins this year.

Any questions, please free to ask.