Norm Charles Handicapping

Given the significance of the 50th Norm Charles special handicapping conditions will apply. The committee is very keen to see good numbers and a hotly contested Norm Charles race this year; in addition we do not want runners to feel that if they are to have a chance they can't win a race beforehand. Therefore for this race only we will be expanding the 'Classic' race guidelines for this event. The key differences are these:

  • Winners of non 'Classic' races may be lifted back out to their winning mark or their Ceiling whichever is the lowest.
  • Established Runners (More than 10 races 2014-2015) may be lifted out to their Ceiling.

Your Ceiling is your best time over a certain time period (Which gets shorter as you get older).

As always the goal is to create a level playing field and to ensure that those who are running at or near their best have a great chance to win.

Example: The winner of VCCL Legends Race (Week before Norm) is off spot 18 (which is also their ceiling). They do not break their ceiling in this race so their mark is 18 for Norm Charles. The week after Norm they will incur the standard penalty for the win.

If you have any questions you can get me on or I am there nearly every week after the run.

So there is roughly six (6) weeks for you to do the best preparation that you can to run your very best in this prestigious race and if you do I am confident you will have a very good chance of winning.


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