Season 2018

The VCCL in 2018 will be providing a much greater range of racing options for members to choose from:

  • Club handicap races
  • All Athletics Victoria XCR competitions
  • parkrun events

The VCCL registration fee has been dropped to $50 for the season which includes entry to all VCCL club races and parkrun events. There will be no additional race entry fee for these events.

Club Handicap Races

The VCCL will continue to conduct a limited number of club events including a season launch at Dendy Park and the end of year wrap up and presentations at Westerfolds Park.

Our club races will be our major prizemoney events for the season and will all be included within the club membership fee.

Athletics Victoria Membership

The VCCL will also become a registered Athletics Victoria (AV) club. As a result a new and additional option for VCCL members this season will be to register with AV as a VCCL member. This will provide access to all AV winter competitions and championships. The additional AV registration cost is $100 for an Open athlete plus $125 entry for the full XCR season. Athletes can choose to enter individual races if they prefer.

The VCCL will be entering teams in both the individual and relay AV events and will also be conducting a sealed handicap result and prizemoney at each individual AV event.

VCCL members already registered with an AV club can compete for the VCCL in the XCR events through the “alternative first claim” process for no additional cost. Alternatively if VCCL members are running XCR events for another AV club, they are still eligible for the VCCL sealed handicap within each AV event.

There is no requirement for VCCL members to take up this AV option if they don’t wish to.

parkrun events

In 2018 the VCCL will be conducting handicap races within the parkrun events conducted on a Saturday morning throughout Australia and overseas. This will be at no additional cost to VCCL members and will simply require members to nominate the VCCL as their club with parkrun and wear the VCCL club singlet.

Whilst there will be a nominated parkrun venue for VCCL athletes to participate at if they choose, they will be able to take part at any parkrun venue and be a part of the VCCL handicap “race”. This means that VCCL members will be included in the handicap result and be eligible for prizemoney regardless of which parkrun they participate at.

It also means that former VCCL members that are participating at parkrun venues can again be a part of the VCCL whilst continuing at their normal parkrun venue.

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