Season 2022

VCCL division four team at AV Cruden Farm cross country.
VCCL division four team at AV Cruden Farm cross country.

Hi everyone,

I trust and hope everyone is fit, well and ready to go.

The VCCL rego fee is free this year for all those that registered last year (also free for first year regos). Everyone still needs to register on the website for season 2022, if by chance you are forced to pay, don't pay, let me know and I will tick the rego box on the website.

The first event is a parkrun on Saturday 30 April, so please register soon.

You can see the full calendar of events here.

The club need to register teams with AV in the next week, please let me know if you are available for AV. Those running AV please register as soon as possible with Athletics Victoria.

Register for AV + VCCL:

Hopefully we will have numbers for div 3, div 5, div 7, womens, as well as over 40s, 50s and 60s. Please chase up any friends or foes that maybe interested in running with the club this season.

Those that registered last year and only wish to compete in non AV events need only register online or simpler still let me know by email.

Register for VCCL only:

Runners must run in a club singlet.

Those new to the club: every members parkrun venue time is calculated as a sealed handicap less the competitors handicap with a track allowance calculated on the venues historical results. If that sounds like double dutch, speak to Sean.

Hope to see you all soon,
Brian Mara

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