Rick Ermel’s Results

Active from 2007 to 2017
Member Number: 1520b
Races: 8
Wins: 0 (0.0%)
Top Ten: 2 (25.0%)

DateRacePlacekmTimeSpotHandicapC/AdjN/TimeMarginkm Rate
20 May, 2007Caruana Cross Country Classic20829:2482:0027:241:333:41
24 June, 2007RetireInvest Eaglehawk to Bendigo Handicap276.522:34102:0020:341:333:28
28 June, 2009RetireInvest Eaglehawk to Bendigo Handicap86.522:40173:2519:150:393:29
12 July, 200936th Annual Murchison Handicap91036:51175:1031:411:163:41
20 June, 2010Retireinvest Eaglehawk to Bendigo Handicap286.523:23183:3519:482:223:36
11 July, 201037th Annual Murchison Handicap151037:32195:4531:472:053:45
1 June, 201419th Caruana Cross Country Classic69835:37194:4530:528:284:27
4 June, 201722nd Caruana Cross Country Classic35835:17266:3028:474:114:25