Lyn Crome’s Results

Active from 2007 to 2014
Member Number: 1435b
Races: 12
Wins: 0 (0.0%)
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DateRacePlacekmTimeSpotHandicapC/AdjN/TimeMarginkm Rate
24 June, 2007RetireInvest Eaglehawk to Bendigo Handicap146.528:12408:0020:121:114:20
8 July, 200734th Annual Murchison Handicap281045:063811:3533:313:574:31
25 May, 2008Caruana Cross Country Classic31836:45399:4527:002:584:36
30 May, 2010Caruana Cross Country Classic46839:094310:4528:243:234:54
20 June, 2010Retireinvest Eaglehawk to Bendigo Handicap586.530:00448:5021:103:444:37
5 June, 2011Caruana Cross Country Classic33837:024010:0027:022:554:38
19 June, 2011Retireinvest Eaglehawk to Bendigo Handicap136.528:19479:2518:541:014:21
20 May, 2012Caruana Classic Handicap22837:174511:1526:021:504:40
17 June, 2012Eaglehawk To Bendigo Handicap326.429:27469:1020:171:574:36
16 June, 2013Flack Advisory Eaglehawk to Bendigo556.431:15469:1022:053:104:53
1 June, 201419th Caruana Cross Country Classic41839:205313:1526:053:414:55
15 June, 2014Flack Advisory Winter Classic256.432:015811:3520:261:305:00