Mark Perdon’s Results

Active from 2011 to 2017
Member Number: 1548b
Races: 13
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DateRacePlacekmTimeSpotHandicapC/AdjN/TimeMarginkm Rate
19 June, 2011Retireinvest Eaglehawk to Bendigo Handicap406.527:17326:2520:522:594:12
20 May, 2012Caruana Classic Handicap60836:51307:3029:215:094:36
17 June, 2012Eaglehawk To Bendigo Handicap376.427:12326:2520:472:274:15
8 July, 201239th Murchison Handicap291043:55288:3035:255:134:24
5 May, 201318th Caruana Cross Country Classic54835:57266:3029:275:134:30
16 June, 2013Flack Advisory Eaglehawk to Bendigo476.427:47306:0021:472:524:20
18 August, 20132nd Kyneton Ridge Estate Winery306.529:50326:2523:253:004:35
1 June, 201419th Caruana Cross Country Classic66837:39328:0029:397:154:42
15 June, 2014Flack Advisory Winter Classic306.429:01408:0021:012:054:32
14 September, 20143rd Kyneton Ridge Estate Handicap206.529:48408:0021:481:434:35
17 May, 201520th Caruana Cross Country Classic38839:014010:0029:014:154:53
14 June, 2015Flack Advisory Winter Classic196.429:29408:0021:291:574:36
4 June, 201722nd Caruana Cross Country Classic19837:264411:0026:261:504:41