Fraser Murray’s Results

Active from 2014 to 2017
Member Number: 1
Races: 47
Wins: 3 (6.4%)
Top Ten: 22 (46.8%)

DateRacePlacekmTimeSpotHandicapN/TimeMarginkm Rate
4 May, 2014Fred Grubb & Bob Charlton Memorial446.528:25204:0024:254:484:22
18 May, 2014Moran Stable Handicap48520:54253:4517:092:184:11
1 June, 201419th Caruana Cross Country Classic58835:45307:3028:155:514:28
8 June, 2014Family Feud Sealed Handicap26520:59335:0015:591:284:12
22 June, 20145th 5x3km Relay Challenge25312:49343:249:250:384:16
29 June, 201421st Independent Signs Handicap251046:243510:4035:444:294:38
6 July, 2014Austbrokers Phillips Handicap32836:16369:0027:162:164:32
13 July, 2014Myrniong Handicap216.529:35377:2522:101:424:33
20 July, 201416th Eric Greaves Memorial231044:433811:3533:081:564:28
3 August, 20142nd Jayen Engineers Handicap8520:39395:5514:440:254:08
24 August, 2014Ray O’Connor Legend Handicap14521:05395:5515:100:454:13
31 August, 201449th Norm Charles Handicap131044:593911:5533:041:414:30
21 September, 2014Presidents & Ted Paulin Handicap16.528:02397:5020:120:004:19
3 May, 201526th Rendina Family Handicap10834:38369:0025:381:074:20
17 May, 201520th Caruana Cross Country Classic21836:09369:0027:092:234:31
24 May, 20156th 5x3km Relay Challenge8*312:08363:368:320:444:03
31 May, 2015Austbrokers Phillips Handicap9834:43369:0025:431:144:20
7 June, 2015Family Feud Sealed Handicap 6520:32365:2515:070:234:06
21 June, 201516th Westgate Bridge Handicap 5520:28365:2515:030:084:06
12 July, 2015Myrniong Adventure Handicap26.528:14367:1021:040:014:21
19 July, 201517th Eric Greaves Memorial41042:423611:0031:420:374:16
26 July, 20153rd Jayen Engineers Handicap1520:09365:2514:440:004:02
2 August, 201520th George Perdon Handicap1716.091:12:083216:0056:084:374:29
16 August, 201531st Helmut & Maija Prentler Handicap146.527:39326:2521:141:014:15
23 August, 2015VCCL Legends Handicap11520:06324:5015:160:464:01
30 August, 201550th Norm Charles Handicap271044:193611:0033:193:404:26
17 April, 2016Fred Grubb & Bob Charlton Memorial116.528:30326:2522:051:374:23
24 April, 2016Moran Stable Handicap4519:41335:0014:410:243:56
1 May, 201627th Rendina Family Handicap7833:50348:3025:200:404:14
15 May, 2016Parks Victoria 5x3km Relay Challenge3*311:46333:188:280:193:55
22 May, 2016Fraser Murray Family Feud Handicap2520:16335:0015:160:244:03
29 May, 2016AB Phillips Handicap36.528:18336:3521:430:364:21
5 June, 201621st Caruana Cross Country Classic9833:46348:3025:161:014:13
19 June, 201617th Westgate Bridge Handicap4520:07345:1014:570:214:01
26 June, 201623rd Woodlands Handicap41042:233410:2032:030:514:14
10 July, 201632nd Helmut & Maija Prentler Handicap2520:16345:1015:060:014:03
24 July, 201618th Eric Greaves Memorial Handicap61042:433410:2032:231:124:16
31 July, 2016Nortons Park Park Handicap46.528:30346:5021:400:144:23
7 August, 2016Jells Park Handicap21524:12355:1518:573:594:50
21 August, 201621st George Perdon Handicap316.091:10:483517:3053:180:574:24
28 August, 20165th Kyneton Ridge Estate Handicap16.526:40357:0019:400:004:06
18 September, 2016Presidents & Ted Paulin Handicap5311:41303:008:410:453:54
30 April, 2017Fred Grubb & Bob Charlton Memorial116.529:28306:0023:282:254:32
4 June, 201722nd Caruana Cross Country Classic28834:42307:3027:122:364:20
11 June, 201718th Westgate Bridge Handicap 12520:34304:3016:040:564:07
16 July, 2017AV 10km Road Race131043:01309:1033:513:384:18
6 August, 201719th Eric Greaves Memorial Handicap171045:07319:2535:423:544:31

*Individual relay placings are not counted in Top 10 and Wins totals.