13th Fred Grubb & Robert Charlton Memorial Sealed Handicap

Sponsored by VCCL and John & Julie Hertz

Race 1

Distance: 6.5km

Date: Sunday, 19 April, 2015

Time: 11:00am

Sealed Handicap (Mass Start)

Location: Brimbank Park, Keilor East

The 83rd VCCL season opens at Brimbank Park.

This race starts at 11am to allow time for Race 1 on the day membership applications.

Save time by filling out the membership application before race day.


Fun Runners: Free entry on the day for this race.

Members: $15


Brimbank Park, Keilor East: More info
Address: Keilor Park Drive, Keilor East
Melway Ref: 15 B10

Directions from:

Location map

Race Officials

Race Manager: Brian Marantelli
Course Manager: Brian Marantelli

Prize Money

Sash, trophy and prize money donated by the VCCL and John & Julie Hertz.
1st $400
2nd $80
3rd $60
4th $50
5th $40
6th $30
7th $30
8th $30
9th $30
10th $30
1st Unplaced First Year Runner $20
Fastest Time $40
2nd Fastest $20
Fastest Female $20
Note: members only eligible for prize money. How to join the VCCL.