Churchill Park Classic Handicap

Race 19
Distance: 8km
Date: Sunday, 9 September 2012
Time: 10:00am
Handicaps: Staggered Start (Handicap list)
Location: Lysterfield Park
Melway Ref: 108 D2
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Venue Change

Please note that the venue has been changed to Lysterfield Park due to storm damage at Churchill Park.

Race Officials

Race Manager: Tony Parsons
Course Manager: Sean Beer

Prize Money

Prize money donated by Bob Howlett, Sean Quilty and Tony Parsons.
Sash donated by:Victorian Athletic League.
1st $300
2nd $60
3rd $50
4th $40
5th $30
6th $20
7th $20
8th $20
9th $20
10th $20
1st Unplaced Novice $20
Fastest Time $40
2nd Fastest $20
Fastest Female $20

Note that only members are eligible for prize money. How to join the VCCL.