Topic: Race 2 AV Cross Country Relays Jells Park

For all those wanting to run the AV Cross Country Relays we have organised teams to be entered so if you are interested in running please let me know as soon as you can at . We can cater for all so please do feel intimidated.

It is a Sealed Handicap race with some good cash up for grabs but you need to be registered with AV so get onto there site and sign up.

Cheers Doona
I will try to pick up as many runners as I can off the results on the AV website of those who are VCCL Registered and include them in the Handicap race but if you are not running in a VCCL Team can you please just let me know what club you are running with so that I do not leave you out by mistake.


See all who are running there on Saturday & good luck to all teams

Cheers Doona