Eric Sapac’s Results

Active from 2009 to 2015
Member Number: 492
Races: 33
Wins: 1 (3.0%)
Top Ten: 12 (36.4%)

DateRacePlacekmTimeSpotHandicapC/AdjN/TimeMarginkm Rate
9 May, 2009Moran Stable Handicap35519:21203:0016:212:443:52
31 May, 2009Caruana Cross Country Classic47834:17215:1529:024:164:17
14 June, 2009Hash House Harriers HHH Handicap23832:01225:3026:312:154:00
5 July, 200933rd Anniversary Bob Cook Memorial Handicap251042:28226:4035:483:214:15
19 July, 2009VCCL 'Ted Connell' 5k Legend Handicap23520:27243:4016:471:194:05
26 July, 2009Eric Greaves Memorial Handicap111040:09247:2032:491:044:01
2 August, 2009VCCL 'Joe Caruana' 8K Legend Handicap10831:19246:0025:190:383:55
9 August, 200944th Annual Norm Charles Handicap281042:16247:2034:564:234:14
5 September, 2009Westgate Bridge Memorial Handicap5519:24253:4515:390:353:53
30 May, 2010Caruana Cross Country Classic33833:42256:1527:272:264:13
6 June, 201034th Annual Bob Cook Memorial Sealed Handicap101042:21257:3534:461:364:14
4 July, 2010Independent Signs Handicap71039:17257:3531:420:313:56
26 June, 2011Independent Signs Handicap191041:20257:3533:452:114:08
3 July, 2011VCCL 5x3km Relay Challenge9*311:18252:308:480:123:46
10 July, 2011Helmut & Maija Prentler Handicap7831:23256:1525:080:413:55
31 July, 201146th Annual Norm Charles Handicap151040:04195:5034:142:334:00
14 August, 2011Hash House Harriers Handicap1829:29256:1523:140:003:41
4 September, 2011Thermal Products Handicap10830:32184:3026:021:383:49
11 September, 2011Westgate Bridge Memorial Handicap22518:30182:4515:451:273:42
18 September, 2011President's Handicap116.524:30183:3520:551:283:46
6 May, 2012Rendina Family Handicap27830:45164:0026:452:553:51
17 June, 2012Eaglehawk To Bendigo Handicap266.423:17163:1020:071:473:38
24 June, 2012Independent Signs Handicap21037:22164:5032:320:043:44
22 July, 201247th Norm Charles Handicap31036:07164:5031:170:583:37
26 August, 2012Westgate Bridge Memorial Handicap5517:35162:3015:050:323:31
21 April, 2013Moran Stable Handicap 18518:06142:2015:461:403:37
2 June, 2013Family Feud Handicap 23518:10142:1016:001:143:38
19 April, 2015Fred Grubb & Bob Charlton Memorial236.524:17142:5021:271:393:44
3 May, 201526th Rendina Family Handicap16829:28143:3025:581:273:41
17 May, 201520th Caruana Cross Country Classic22830:43143:3027:132:273:50
7 June, 2015Family Feud Sealed Handicap 11517:39152:1515:240:403:32
14 June, 2015Flack Advisory Winter Classic46.422:44153:0019:440:123:33
21 June, 201516th Westgate Bridge Handicap 2517:10152:1514:550:003:26

*Individual relay placings are not counted in Top 10 and Wins totals.