George Flack’s Results

Active from 2007 to 2015
Member Number: 1440b
Races: 11
Wins: 0 (0.0%)
Top Ten: 4 (36.4%)

DateRacePlacekmTimeSpotHandicapC/AdjN/TimeMarginkm Rate
20 May, 2007Caruana Cross Country Classic48836:39307:3029:093:184:35
24 June, 2007RetireInvest Eaglehawk to Bendigo Handicap366.526:57316:1020:471:464:09
8 July, 200734th Annual Murchison Handicap41041:503410:2531:251:514:11
25 May, 2008Caruana Cross Country Classic66837:51328:0029:515:494:44
31 May, 2009Caruana Cross Country Classic5833:27338:1525:120:264:11
28 June, 2009RetireInvest Eaglehawk to Bendigo Handicap96.525:50336:3519:150:393:58
12 July, 200936th Annual Murchison Handicap31041:003310:0530:550:304:06
17 June, 2012Eaglehawk To Bendigo Handicap606.433:48408:0025:487:285:17
1 June, 201419th Caruana Cross Country Classic43837:414511:1526:264:024:43
17 May, 201520th Caruana Cross Country Classic41842:335313:1529:184:325:19
14 June, 2015Flack Advisory Winter Classic306.434:245511:0023:243:525:23