Alex Bacalja’s Results

Active from 2012 to 2021
Member Number: 199
Races: 21
Wins: 1 (4.8%)
Top Ten: 8 (38.1%)

DateRacePlacekmTimeSpotHandicapC/AdjN/TimeMarginkm Rate
3 June, 2012VCCL 5x3km Relay Challenge57311:41101:0010:411:423:54
9 June, 2012Family Feud Sealed Handicap23519:25101:3517:503:403:53
24 June, 2012Independent Signs Handicap271042:56123:4039:166:484:18
22 July, 201247th Norm Charles Handicap271040:31144:1536:165:574:03
26 August, 2012Westgate Bridge Memorial Handicap31519:11152:2016:512:183:50
2 September, 2012Coburg Lake Classic236.524:38163:1021:282:373:47
24 April, 2016Moran Stable Handicap28518:1271:0517:072:503:38
15 May, 2016Parks Victoria 5x3km Relay Challenge2239:5370:429:111:023:18
5 June, 201621st Caruana Cross Country Classic28831:4182:0029:415:263:58
24 July, 201618th Eric Greaves Memorial Handicap191037:2982:2535:043:533:45
4 May, 2019AV Cross Country Relays9620:3891:4018:581:193:26
26 May, 2019Rendina Classic Handicap13517:3391:2516:081:253:31
1 June, 2019AV Cross Country5828:5792:1526:420:373:37
22 June, 2019AV Ekiden Relays1517:4091:2516:150:003:32
6 July, 2019AV Road Relays76.220:3981:3519:040:413:20
14 July, 2019AV Road Race41033:2182:2530:561:273:20
27 July, 2019AV Road Race31550:3383:4546:480:063:22
8 September, 2019AV Road Race621.11:16:2885:151:11:134:513:37
21 September, 2019AV Relays9*3.82712:2780:5511:320:463:15
1 May, 2021AV Cross Country Relays1*620:1781:3018:470:003:23
22 May, 2021AV Cross Country3828:3251:1527:171:213:34

*Individual relay placings are not counted in Top 10 and Wins totals.