Oscar Robinson’s Results

Member Number: 246
Active: 2017 to 2024
Races: 32
Wins: 2
Top Ten: 20

16 July 2017AV 10km Road Race71032:3530:5531:401:273:16
6 August 201719th Eric Greaves Memorial Handicap21033:0641:1031:560:083:19
21 April 2018AV Cross Country Relays5619:5140:4519:061:373:19
5 May 2018AV Cross Country6827:3841:0026:381:003:27
26 May 2018AV Cross Country21240:3641:3039:060:333:23
16 June 2018AV Cross Country41032:4641:1031:360:593:17
7 July 2018AV Road Relays173.19:5640:249:321:183:12
15 July 2018Braeside Handicap111035:0251:3033:322:453:30
22 July 2018AV Road Race81032:5361:5031:032:103:17
15 September 2018AV Relays10*3.82712:2660:4511:410:463:15
4 May 2019AV Cross Country Relays2618:5961:0517:540:153:10
15 June 2019AV Cross Country11032:5561:5031:050:003:18
22 June 2019AV Ekiden Relays4516:4210:1016:320:173:20
6 July 2019AV Road Relays146.219:4910:1019:391:163:12
27 July 2019AV Road Race71548:0010:3047:300:483:12
8 September 2019AV Road Race1121.11:19:5810:401:19:1812:563:47
21 September 2019AV Relays4*3.82711:2220:1511:070:212:58
1 May 2021AV Cross Country Relays15620:5920:2020:391:523:30
7 May 2022AV Cross Country Relays166.221:3920:2021:192:133:30
28 May 2022AV Cross Country6829:4530:4529:001:533:43
18 June 2022AV Cross Country41242:5931:1041:491:073:35
25 June 2022AV Ekiden Relay1516:4230:3016:120:003:20
9 July 2022AV Road Relays86.220:3030:3519:551:313:18
7 August 2022AV Road Race151034:0830:5533:131:363:25
20 August 2022AV Road Race41551:5331:2550:281:573:28
22 April 2023AV Cross Country Relays17623:4740:4523:024:363:58
17 June 2023AV Cross Country71245:1041:3043:403:353:46
19 August 2023AV Ekiden Relay7520:0340:4019:232:524:01
27 April 2024XCR Jell Park Relays9*620:532:053:29
11 May 2024XCR Hanging Rock81243:252:263:37
2 June 2024XCR Lakeside131034:433:563:28
15 June 2024XCR Bendigo Cross Country10829:482:413:44

*Individual relay placings are not counted in Top 10 and Wins totals.